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Circular Economy Roadmap

  • Published on February 23, 2021
The circular economy road map is a document containing a set of tools, not only legislative ones, which are aimed at creating conditions for the implementation of a new economic model in Poland. The proposed activities relate primarily to analytical and conceptual, information and promotion, and coordination works in the areas under the jurisdiction of individual ministries. It describes the areas like "Sustainable Industrial Production" (to draw attention to the important role of industry in the Polish economy and to new opportunities for its development; "Sustainable Consumption" (shows how much potential exists at this - so far overlooked - phase of the life cycle); "Bioeconomy" - concerns the management of renewable resources (the biological cycle of circular economy), which in the Polish realities have great potential; "New business models" - indicates the possibilities of reorganizing the ways of functioning of various market participants based on the idea of circular economy. All areas above concerns the implementation and monitoring of circular economy.
Innovation, strengthening cooperation between industry and the science sector, and, as a result, the implementation of innovative solutions in the economy. Create a European market for secondary raw materials where they can flow more easily. Provision of high-quality secondary raw materials that result from sustainable production and consumption. Development of the service sector.

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